Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have been working on this tablet for quite some time. Between work and home, this project took a major hit in terms to my attention. But, I finally got it to a decent state with really only one problem: the touch screen.

Let me step back a bit and explain what the project is, well you have guessed it, it a tablet. It's basically an expansion board for Gumstix Overo (earth,water, fire and most likely Tide and FE as well). And do i hear you ask what peripherals I got? Here's the list:
   1. 2 x USB host port - ready to be plugged in, no hub necessary
   2. 1 x Usb OTG port
   3. 1 x audio out
   4. touch screen
   5. LCD connector: I designed it for 8.9" LCD LED display: LP089WS1  
   6. battery monitor (gas gauge)
   7. Accelerometer.

As of now there are no software changes. I just dropped in the official gumstix build and it just works off the bat.  But, surely I'll need to make some software changes to enhance battery life and usability etc.

Here's a video demo of the tablet:

If you are sharp, you probably notice a few problems on the board:
  1. A red wire jumper close to the usb hub: This is a power distribution switch for the USB ports. When I had this board assembled those parts were in backorder and so I decided to go ahead with out it. 
 2. bottom left hand side close to the touch screen inputs, I broke off the power switch one day by accident and haven't replaced it yet. 

But, other than that I am happy with the way this project went so far... Let me know your thoughts as well... 

PS: this is my first blog post and youtube video so, please go easy on the criticism... 


  1. Its nice, post please to gumstix-users when it will be ready to go.

  2. Nice work. Are you using the SN75LVDS83B to drive the display? Would you be willing to share your design?

  3. @JB: Thanks for the comment. Yes, that´s the display driver... I intend to share the hardware designs but, when it´s bug free...

  4. krishna dude im an indian student..13 yrs old...i want to build a tablet p too i alredy got sum ideas can u share ur design wid me plz man

  5. what cpu are you using?

  6. This is really awesome!

  7. Hey buddy,
    I am a newbie developer and find your post very successful.
    Can you explain the processes that you have been through while interfacing your Custom size LCD with overo boards?
    I am also planning to use an LCD but with a size of 7'' so where should I start from?
    P.S. I am not planning to build a table btw :)

    1. Well the process involved searching google a lot. ou might want to start at:

    2. Thanx for pointing out the direction.
      Is your custom design baseboard? Couldn't see alike in gumstix expansion boards?

  8. I am very interested in both your project! (So much so it is the first blog I have followed)

    Can we have and update :)

  9. I like visiting friends and talking about this and that.